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The 10-year Treasury yield a six-month high of 3.

The 10-year Treasury yield a six-month high of 3.75 % hit on 28 and the 30-year fixed mortgage reached a three-month high of 5.44 %.Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress last month that the Fed doesn t look? specific interest rate certain interest rate target But it can end its bond buying at some point in the future. Some the the bond market collapse the. Bear market in Treasuries challenges the housing market recovers and the economy? mortgage backed securities told CNBC.

$ 1450000000000 unlikely to Bail Bond Market’The market believes that the Fed expand its purchases of mortgage – backed securities and Treasuries,’Ronti Pal, head of U.S. Rates trading at Barclays Capital, said the newspaper.

But Fed officials see increase in interest rates as a signal that the economy and the financial system are recovered. Feel free hesitate to jump, says The Journal. But the longer it takes the Fed to do, the more the market overwhelms the Fed’s efforts and increase the risk for an even greater increase in returns ‘.A further condition to lead Italian According Berlusconi resign. For now, But Umberto Bossi said its Lega Nord party does not cooperate restrain Monti administration Bossi said he was wrote Napolitano that his party would, their support Berlusconi conservative coalition maintained in power are is alert against every Monticelli government until economist spelling their plans.

Bossi – party been demanding for for early new election take place. He also has an key remedy, a pension reform, which increased compared with the pensionable age for female.

Berlusconi retired as premier as premier late Saturday night $ 410 000 to international markets pummeled his country’s borrowing capacity that. The loss of faith in his economic program Berlusconi finish shortly after the Italian parliamentary adopt new reform measures of the European Union and Zentralbank civil servants demanded. – ‘I walked out of a sense of responsibility and of the State of, to ward off speculative instruments attack on Italy,’he said.