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Summer heat to save money?

Summer heat to save money? Buyer Beware.Order with summer heat, inspiring thousands of air conditioners, the search is on for a consumer brand that combines the low price and efficient power consumption. For many buyers, that quest points Energy Star, the Environmental Protection Agency appliance rating program gold gold standard for energy efficient value. Created in 1992, show the distinctive blue label, a unit assigned 20 percent-30 percent less energy than federal standards. In the last two years, however , the program has under fire for making dubious claims, mislabeling its products or inadequately checks manufacturers may claim.

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Icahn was raised in Queens, New York. He graduated with degrees in philosophy of by Princeton University New Jersey in 1957. He entered in medical school the New York University, but rather exit and went to Wall Street, where he opened his own investment firm in 1968 working.