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We think to the people of to the people of Libya.

McCain is assumed that the most senior Western politician and the first from the United States to Benghazi Benghazi since the conflict broke out his end of February. – ‘We think to the people of to the people of Libya, who is the head of their country, not for the United States to do that. ‘ ‘I think done in the past done in the past, we can make it easier to get weapons into the hands of the Libyan military, against Gaddafi against Gaddafi,’he said. ‘Let’s face it: This is not a fair fight. ‘.

Treasury more than $ 34 billion in Libyan government assets frozen previously as part of a sanctions program from pressure on the Gaddafi regime. U.S. Senator. Senator John McCain on Friday urged President Barack Obama’s administration, the Libyan rebel National Council as the country’s legitimate government to recognize and transfer frozen Libyan assets to them.. The U.S. Could contribute to weapons, the military opposition as with the Afghan insurgency, a Russian occupation in the 1980s, he said. – He said NATO should intensify its air strikes, particularly in the besieged city of Misrata, the largest rebel group bastion in western Libya.

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Activities valued at 5.6 – billion euros for 11.7 billion total of have been identified, co – Treasury official reporters on Tuesday on condition of anonymity. Official been no detail to what kind of measures have been added. But Greece had ‘s fragile ruling coalition is little scope to locate the savings, after would committed in austerity pain selectors do not fire all officer and avoiding across-the – board reductions of pension and public sector wage..