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Daily Archives: May 2, 2016

Bernanke in 29th February testimony in Congress.

Bernanke in 29th February testimony in Congress, said the Fed ‘s focus on inflation and employment depends on the size of the expected deviations from the targeted rate of of each goal and the indicators indicators align with the objectives of the central bank.

The cost of non-traditional policies, if carefully examined, appear manageable, meaning that we can not exclude that justify the continued use of such a policy if the economic conditions, Bernanke said. In the past five years, the Federal Reserve has acted to help promote economic growth and job creation, and it is important to achieve further progress, particularly in the labor market. 8.3 %message for investors , Bernanke believes that he is a serious concern for 12.8 million Americans calls , the work through a stronger by a stronger economic recovery in attack, driven by financial support when needed. Continue reading