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I know businesses everywhere feel the need to bring in more money.

If you are pulling stunts like this come about company be sure to leave a comment below by WalletPop to know.Wow! I know businesses everywhere feel the need to bring in more money, But charging paying customers is just to open their files a bit on the ridiculous side. , creator of, creator of Hijinks yield a comic geek its local his local FedEx Kinkos copies went from comics to print more and was not so politely informed that for every file after the first there was a digital rendering in height be of 2, to further emphasize the stupidity of of this charge, the digital rendering fee covers essentially the employee with a double click on a file!

Finally, inflation roars back and these assets value value. The thing that killing capitalism is, persistent deflation, as happened in the Depression. Luckily we have a Fed that in this period in this period .

The economy started to spiral downward in November 2007 with the advent of FAS 157, the accounting rule that banks liabilities liabilities to market, rather than a subjective idea of fair value. Granted, the banks had that the subjectivity misused. But here is a simple example of It is difficult market valuation in illiquid asset classes may be poor: Let’s say your neighbor buys a house for $ 300,000 and the house is very similar to yours. Let’s say two years later gets a divorce and now he has to sell his house in a fire sale and may $ $ Is your house really only worth about $ 200 Of course not.Value bonuses on bankers, only be raisesI mean, let us real here. Morgan Stanley was receive 10 million in TARP money, and you are feeling now is the up to the base remunerated for their investment banker? Citigroup got $ 25,000,000 TARP funds. Citi least has the purpose of the mouth his mouth concluded on his plans it now, as I mentioned above, to could to modify per second.

I thought I leave my anger which improve of me, but I just can not understand when that investment bank get to sneak around Obama decree no longer Boni easily with upping basic pay. This has to efficient processing, and risk destroying the banking goodwill is value The company moved after the near – breakdown of U.S. Financial system. If something happened such as my solution is actually? I doubt it, but I do think there more hopes that some sort of common sense will pierce the consciences of the major banks and our government.