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Daily Archives: April 14, 2016

Under this compromise proposal.

At a meeting on Thursday senior EU diplomats had been expected to approve a plan that a grace period until the end of June.Tehran denies want bombs as the West says it is refining uranium only for electricity generation and medical applications.Under this compromise proposal, EU governments would be getting new contracts with Iran was imposed from the time the embargo banned, but could purchase crude previously contracted. This exemption would be on the first July of.

EU diplomats said more discussions in Brussels in the coming days in the coming days, in the time meet the foreign ministers of the 27 EU states on a formal decision EU policies such as sanctions unanimity completed completed by the minister. Signed the EU embargo follows stringent new U.S. Sanctions into law by President Barack Obama New Year’s Eve, which will be implemented in stages, but if fully enforced impossible to pay impossible to pay for most countries for Iranian oil. Continue reading