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January is the least important month of the year for retailers.

January is the least important month of the year for retailers , because they use to evacuate the months of winter merchandise to make room for spring merchandise.

This was better than the increase of 6.7 % that Wall Street expected.. In recent weeks, analysts were downward expectations as a series of snowstorms in several parts of the country racheted kept buyers at home.But it looks like further by further by hopes for a sustainable economic recovery. Consumer spending was the main reason at an annual rate at an annual rate of 3.2 % in the last three months of 2013, the Commerce Department said Friday. It was. 2.6 % from the previous quarter and the best since the beginning of last year.

Limited , fueled by its Victoria Secret division, enjoyed a stellar 24 % increased sales in stores open at least a year and boosted its earnings outlook for the fourth quarter.Also Tuesday, in Greece ‘s Minister of Finance told the country wants the Union complete a second bailout loan until end of August.

The contagion could be to top to identify the end for the each currency union in their current form, Jonathan said Loynes, an economist at Capital Economics.

Venizelos said Athens had hoped a new program out of of the European parliaments could be approved before Greece receives its nearest rescue aid loan was installment in mid-September.